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Monograph co-edited & co-directed by Smith College Museum of Art and Zamân Books & Curating
Release June 2024

A tricontinental exhibition and publication project that takes the form of a multiauthor monograph to showease an artist whose work creates space to connect with the self; to be in the here and now

Published in French, English and Arabic, co-edited by SCMA and Zamân Books & Curating, this monograph will
include contributions from researchers, museum directors and scientists, making a significant contribution to
the history of contemporary art, including essays by Emma Chubb & the writer and poet Omar Berrada.

The publication is structured in 3 movements between the active polarities in Younes Rahmoun’s work: Migration/Rootedness, Single/Multiple and Here/Elsewhere, thus highlighting the major themes of his work, which aims for the universal.