Crossing through West Asia and the Mediterranean from Africa to Turkey, up until Iran and India, Zamân Books & Curating primary goal is the circulation of new cosmopolitan knowledge about art and images – driven by the efforts to shape the field of Southern modernities. Such new mappings of art histories develop through monograph and collective exhibitions, the research journal Zamân, textes, images & documents, and different kinds of publication (monographs, artists books, thematic and collective books), as well as reediting – or translanting – to-be-rediscovered and rare material.

Our role is generally to assist artists (and artists estates) with their exhibition and/or publication projects, including coproduction with public and private institutions, art centres, cultural institutes…

Zamân Books & Curating engages actively with different communities of cultural producers, researchers, curators, translators, archivists, writers and other narrators worldwide, sharing the same desire : to revive and celebrate their transcultural artistic heritages.


Editor-in-chief and editor of the review, Curator
Morad Montazami

Editorial director
Lætitia Mateke

Editorial producer
Mathilde Ayoub

Editorial assistant
Fanny Narcy

Review Editorial Board
Tao Delhaye, Damien Guggenheim and Alexandre Mouawad

Graphic design
Élie Colistro

Curatorial Projects Director
Madeleine de Colnet

Communication, media
Agathe Ferrand

Website design and development
Studio des Formes