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A polyphonic exhibition catalogue, this work is so thanks to all the energies and dialogues that the multidisciplinary artist Joël Andrianomearisoa was able to catalyse for his exhibition at MACAAL (with other artists, craftsmen, but also with voices and souls). On this occasion, with the collaboration of the curator Meriem Berrada, all the works were produced locally in Morocco, in shared circuits, with a permanent questioning of form, function and material… without forgetting what remains in our memory, our lunar and terrestrial reveries. The authors of the catalogue (Salima Naji, Jean-Loup Pivin, Storm Janse van Rensburg…) address the poetic, technical and anthropological aspects of such a singular journey. Developed between his native Antananarivo and Aubusson, via Udaipur, Joël Andrianomearisoa’s “weavings” (of materials, forms and relationships) take on their full meaning, for a moment, in Marrakech.