Touda Bouanani

The work of Touda Bouanani (born in Rabat in 1966) is intended to be cross-disciplinary, as she works both with video, installation, photography and works on paper, and with various systems involving archives and various investigative procedures. In her œuvre, themes of family memory and even personal mythology are fuelled by all the different energies and figures represented by the Bouanani family, starting with her father, the writer and film-making poet Ahmed Bouanani. Usually dealing with operations involving archival re-editing and poetic re-interpretation, her works have been shown at the CAPC musée d’Art contemporain in Bordeaux, at the Whitney Museum and the MoMA in New York and at the Kulte Gallery in Rabat. She has contributed to many publications, readings, workshops and presentations focusing on the work of Ahmed Bouanani, including for the Tate Modern in London, the magazine Nejma in Tangier, the Cinémathèque in Tangier and the Jeu de Paume in Paris.