Faouzi Laatiris

At the crossroads of sculpture, installation, performance and the public place, Faouzi Laatiris (born in Imilchil, Morocco, in 1958) has, since the 1990s, been developing an aesthetics of hybridization, echoing the urban and economic programme of the countries of the South in globalization. His works are intended to be on the verge of cultural schizophrenia; visual bombs tugged between their form and their function, between a more or less industrial system of production (a kind of high-tech ‘system D’) and a poetics of ruins. As founder of the workshop ‘Volume et installation’ at the INBA in Tétouan in 1992, he is credited with having contributed to the training of the most outstanding Moroccan artists of their generation. The exhibition ‘Volumes fugitifs. Faouzi Laatiris et l’Institut national des beaux-arts de Tétouan’ (MMVI, Rabat, 2016) made it possible, in particular, to provide a context for his influence on the development of contemporary art in Morocco.